Many times, home owners become overly burdened with their property maintenance and upkeep. When they either can’t afford to continue the upkeep on them or just grow tired of all the work involved in property ownership, they may opt to neglect their duties and obligations or they may decide to leave or abandon them. A tell-tale sign of abandonment or neglect to a property would be external signs of high grass or overgrown bushes and trees.

We excel in rectifying these situations with the homeowners. We are able to buy your property from you and take it off your shoulders. We handle all necessary overgrowth and neglect on the outside as well as on the inside. No repairs or maintenance needed by homeowner nor will there be any further costs or fees when working with us as your Miracle Workers. There will be NO COMMISSION FEES, NO CLOSING COSTS and any/all repairs, replacements or reconstruction will be handled by us, thus removing all the additional toil and effort off you. We can offer you an ALL CASH deal with quick close, if you are approved by our standards and we would handle the removal, repair and replacement of anything needed externally or internally on your property.

Feel free to contact us via our contact form or by placing a direct call to us for immediate help and assistance. We do our best to schedule appointments and meetings as quickly as possible so you receive the help and assistance relieving you of all the aggravations and stress you have had to experience.