When dealing with property investments as a wholesaler, rehabber, fixer flipper, or within a reconstruction element, lending and financing are an important step that must not be overlooked. In addition to considering your financing and lending needs, you must also consider the possibility of using all CASH to purchase your transaction as well. These are all viable ways of meeting your money needs when investing in properties.

Having an ALL CASH deal is where you would put up all the monies needed in one lump sum and close your deal owning your property outright with no further obligations, short of your annual taxes required. This is a great way to get homeowners more interested in what you may be looking to do with their property. An owner walking away from a property transaction is free to do anything they care to with the money they make from the property transaction. No one is pulling or tugging at their sleeve for part of their profits. An ALL CASH deal allows homeowners to walk away from the closing table with money in their pocket that can be spent in any way they’d like. That’s always a GREAT feeling, especially when you have a homeowner who has been saddled for some time with property obligations they never chose to have or have had to bite the bullet financially to make sure their obligations for the property were met.

As Miracle Workers Offering Property Relief, we can offer ALL CASH deals that have a quick close included. Some transactions may even close as fast as 7 to 10 days later after the contract is in place. Turning a property around and selling it in that amount of time can be a blessing to may homeowners looking for a win-win situation. We not only offer ALL CASH deals with quick close but we also remove the usual commission fees, closing costs, and pick up the needed repairs, replacements, and maintenance needed on the property.

We work out “win-win” deals where everybody wins in the deal. A property someone doesn’t want any longer is purchased by someone having a vision for what they see the property can be as a finished product.