Karen L. Pietsch has been a full time real estate agent, now broker, in Illinois since 1995.  Working 24/7 for her clientele throughout the years has given her a reputation that stands on its own.  Upholding outstanding ethical practices required by the State of Illinois, Karen has developed and maintained a loyal and dedicated database of satisfied customers and clientele.

Due to some major lifestyle changes in her life, Karen has decided to expand her real estate business to now include buying, rehabbing and selling various property investments throughout the area.  Focusing on being there to help and be of service to those having experienced hardships in their lives, she has been able to get many out from under their situation and move on in their lives to more happier situations and better lives.

Consider being the next success story Karen can display here.  She finds ways to make things work out for her clients where they walk away happy and satisfied and remember her to others they know that are in need.

Be sure to connect with her directly to find out how she can help you or someone you might know and complete the task at hand quite quickly in most cases.