At this time of concern for all of us, I thought it appropriate to make a page available to any and all interested in wanting to reach out for what they need in prayer. Feel free to add your prayer requests here so that we can take time to pray over them for you.

There has never been a better time than now to pray for our world, it’s governing officials, and our friends and families while we all experience the changes in our lives due to this quarantine we are all going through.

So, please feel free to join me in prayer at this time. Simply submit a comment here and it will be posted for all to see and prayers will begin for you and your needs.


  1. Good day to you all. I feel that we need to unite and stand tall in our fight against what we have been inflicted with as of late. Know that the Good Lord is with us through this from start to finish and that He has good plans for all of us. We will make it through these trying times as God has already tended to all of our needs. He holds all the resources we could ever need at any time. There is no need for hoarding as there is more than enough for every one of us.

    Remember the Israelites when they were traveling through the desert? God never forgot them and gave them manna from heaven each and every day. He took care of their needs for 40 years and He will certainly do the same for every one of us in these times.

    It is crucial for all of us to join together, stand tall, and know that we have already beaten this scenario. As Jesse Duplantis said in one of his YouTube videos, fear is the enemy in this. Remember, “no weapon formed against us will prosper” and “that which was meant for harm God will use for good”.

    Join me today and let us pray for your concerns.

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