Your success and financial freedom through rehabbing is our mission!   We are looking to see your successful results in rehabbing properties.
We have over 25 years of combined experience in different types of transactions from auctions, online auctions, estate sales, assignments, short sales, REO, foreclosures, 203K deals, 1031 exchanges, wholesale transactions, land trust, lease options, leases, rental agreements and more. Let us share our experiences, knowledge, resources and build a long lasting partnership with you to help improve our communities and neighborhoods. 
We have successfully completed renovation projects within the Chicagoland area and surrounding communities and neighborhoods for well over 25 years.
Rehabbers are known to be individuals and companies consisting of three main activities:  buying properties, repairing and renovating those properties, and then selling those properties to an end user at a higher market value than before their efforts.
Quick Property Cash Deals (QPCD), LLC uses a combination of creative strategies to acquire and improve residential and commercial real estate.  We focus on buying distressed, neglected, abandoned and inherited properties.  We step in and renovate these properties for the purpose of increasing their market values to enhance and improve those neighborhoods and communities.
Having a passion for the real estate marketplace for well over 25 years now, we take pride in helping investors find the properties they are looking for and continue to work hand in hand with them to renovate and spruce up these distressed properties into much more valuable properties for the local neighborhood areas.
We care about what we do and who we can help by becoming a part of their solution.  It’s like working with your own ma and pa when working with us.