When we wholesale a property, we seek out the homeowner and arrange for a meeting with them to view the property and determine whether the property would be a good fit for our portfolio.

During that meeting, we determine how much work, if any, will be needed to bring a higher market value to the property and the community/neighborhood it is located in.  Then, being that we truly do care for those that are in need of our services, we determine what would work for us on our end and what can be offered to the homeowner to make them satisfied as they walk away from the closing table.  We can usually offer an ALL CASH deal with quick closing in as little as 10 days at times.  The homeowner is able to walk away from their problematic property with money in their pocket that they can use in any way they care to.

If you are interested, kindly call or text us at (702) 907-1777 or fill out one of our forms that can be found on our website.  Refer to the “Let’s Talk” or the “Contact Me” links and let us know how we can be of further assistance to you.