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We will always put our best foot forward, offer the best deals and solutions that allow all parties involved to walk away satisfied, pleased and happy with the end results received from working together with Partnering Together.


Looking to sell your property? Let me suggest that you consider not only the traditional way of selling but other …


Buyers do have real estate choices now, just like sellers. In today’s world, Buyers have more options to choose from …


It’s a great time for investors to take advantage of the marketplace right now. Let us help you capitalize on …

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Karen L. Pietsch


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Areas of Interest

Short Sales

Short Sales have become a high commodity, especially when it come to the property investment field, a spin-off of the …


REOs, short for “Real Estate Owned” properties is another entity that has become very wide-spread throughout our nation. These are …


Foreclosures, Short Sales and REOs have increased over the years more than ever seen before. But now they have settled …

Inheritance – Unwanted Properties

Unwanted or asked for properties are a problem in itself. Usually a family member has passed away and has left …


Bankruptcies are usually stressful situations where one doesn’t know how they are ever going to get out from under. Bankruptcies …


Many times, home owners become overly burdened with their property maintenance and upkeep. When they either can’t afford to continue …


We can step right in on many probate issues and acts as the homeowner’s Miracle Workers Offering Property Relief. Probate …

Back Taxes – Tax Liens

The amoung of back taxes and tax lien situations is increasing at an astounding rate. The world has not been …

Satisfied Clientele

Karen is a hard working Agent.

She will do what ever it takes to help her clients get into the home that they love.

Richard Hyzy, Owner – Peace of Mind Home & Property Inspections – LinkedIn & Affiliate Network


Karen, Things are going well for us, can you believe it?
And we have you to thank … 😉
I can’t thank you enough.  You are a credit to your profession and a kind soul as well.
Any business I can send your way, I will do just that.
God Bless You Karen!

M,K,B & M

Hi Karen, It’s going great, I have been meaning to write to you and thank you so much for everything you have done for us. You’re the greatest! When no one else would help, you were there. I cannot begin to express how thankful to you I am.  (more…)

K and M

She was not only a great help but we have been completely satisfied with the service and knowledge Karen has provided to us. She provided us with her expertise at one of the most critical times in our life (first home purchase). We followed her advice and purchased our first home in October, 2010.   (more…)

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